Project Manager
Vaughan has overall responsibility for the project within RWE. He has worked 22 years in the renewable energy sector, leading a range of project developments including the original Rampion Offshore Wind farm as well as the Humber Gateway project which is located off the East Yorkshire coast. He was also the lead developer for various onshore wind farms including those now operational at Afton, Camster and Rosehall.


Development & Stakeholder Manager
Chris is the Development & Stakeholder Manager, ensuring that key stakeholder organisations and the local community are well informed and linked into the Rampion 2 development process. Chris has built strong relationships with Sussex communities during the development and construction of the original Rampion project and he also established the Rampion Fund and the state-of-the-art Rampion Visitor Centre. Chris has worked in wind energy for 20 years.


Consents & Permitting Manager
Eleri is the Consents Manager for the Rampion 2 project with responsibility for managing the Environmental Impact Assessment, and the subsequent Consents Application to the Secretary of State. Eleri also consented the original Rampion project, and has been involved in offshore wind projects in the UK for around 20 years.


Engineering Manager
Naren is a Chartered Civil Engineer managing all the engineering aspects of the Rampion 2 Project. He has been working on the development and construction of offshore and onshore wind projects since 2002. Naren has 32 years of experience working on a variety of UK and International Power Projects within the Electricity Industry.


Commercial Manager
James is the Commercial Manager for the Rampion 2 project, with responsibility for managing onshore and offshore land agreements and other commercial agreements with project stakeholders. James performed a similar role on the original Rampion project, and has been involved in wind power projects in the UK for around 20 years.