Powering our lives

We all enjoy the comforts, entertainment and essential services that electricity brings to our lives. Supporting a large population and lots of businesses, the total consumption of electricity in the south of England is very high. Rampion 2 can ensure that general demand for electricity in the UK is met in a sustainable way.

The average annual domestic household electricity consumption in the UK was 3,618 kWh in 2018 (Source: UK Government, BEIS, Dec 20192). With a maximum planned capacity of 1200 MW of electricity, Rampion 2 could meet the electricity needs of 1m+ homes equivalent each year. This estimate is based on UK Government data and a methodology that is standardly used for offshore wind farms3.

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Rampion 2 could create clean, green electricity to power the equivalent of over 1million UK homes each year!

Sustainably - generating renewable electricity

The UK Government has formally declared a Climate Emergency. Coal plant is being phased out by 2025, meanwhile electric vehicles, hydrogen heating and heat pumps are all taking off across the UK.  To ensure society’s growing thirst for electricity is sustainable – generation from renewables is key. Offshore wind can meet this demand at scale.

Offshore wind is one of the most cost-effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Government has set a target to deliver over a third of UK electricity from Offshore Wind by 2030, up from 10% today. Rampion 2 can make a significant contribution towards this goal.

The benefits of Rampion 2 in terms of carbon saving potential can be estimated based on UK Government data and a methodology that is standardly used for offshore wind farms4. The carbon intensity of the existing electricity generation fleet is a key input. UK Government published a static figure of 446g of carbon equivalent/kWh representing the energy mix in the UK (Source:BEIS, July 20205).
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Rampion 2 could reduce carbon emissions by around 1.8million tonnes per year!

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The advantages of offshore wind power

Illustration of wind farm turbine

The UK is an island benefitting from the jet stream, which offers a temperate climate and our famous wet and windy weather. The UK is the windiest country in Europe so it makes sense to harness this wind to generate our electricity.

Boosting UK Business

There are hundreds of companies involved in delivering an offshore wind farm – the businesses that are contracted to supply goods and services, from steel components through to food catering for construction staff, make up the supply chain of the project. The offshore wind sector is party to a ‘Sector Deal’7 with Government. The deal offers long term confidence that the sector has a strong future. It confirmed the ambition to deliver over a third of UK electricity from Offshore Wind by 2030. In return, offshore wind farm projects are committed to enabling more UK businesses to compete for work. Rampion 2 will make sure UK businesses are aware of the project and will work hard to make sure our major contract holders are introduced to smaller UK suppliers. It’s a competitive international industry worth seeking routes into.
Through the Sector Deal pipeline of projects is forecast to treble the workforce to support 27,000 skilled jobs by 2030. There is opportunity to cross over from other sectors.
The sector is taking on actions to increase the proportion of women employed in offshore wind and is seeking to benefit from building a more diverse workforce all round.
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Supply Chain Portal - coming later in 2021...

Interested in contracting opportunities? Watch this space. We will launch a supply chain portal on our website in due course. Please check our website from time to time for its availability.

Contracting opportunities will pick up in scale during the construction phase.

In the design phase, opportunities are more limited. It may be worth visiting the websites of our lead contractors for development and consent:

Wood plc

GoBe Consultants

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