Working with suppliers

Part of this will be enabling a greater understanding of supplier capabilities, while also equipping businesses to work co-operatively with suppliers to help solve key industry and supply chain challenges.

As well as new project-specific pages that aim to increase transparency and awareness of project milestones and requirements, we will also introduce:

  • a suite of supplier engagement days
  • an easy-to-use engagement platform with open search functionality and proactive project updates
  • the opportunity to arrange calls on a quarterly basis with project team members to keep in touch.

STEP Programme

improving supplier engagement

STEP is our commitment to continuously improve supplier engagement.  Following a review of our existing processes, we have introduced new practices, which include increased opportunities for dialogue with our supplier network.  We promise to strive to continuously ‘step up’ our efforts regarding our supplier engagement activities.

Under the STEP initiative, we have developed four initial steps aimed at improving transparency, engagement and information exchange regarding our UK projects progressing through development and construction.

Step 1

Dedicated project websites that provide up to date and relevant information for suppliers regarding project timescales and other key aspects

Step 2

The rollout of new and easy to register/use Supplier Engagement Platforms with ‘open search’ functionality

Step 3

Regular themed Supplier Engagement Days to raise awareness of supplier capabilities and solutions with a view to solving industry challenges

Step 4

A new Supplier Engagement Booking Tool that enables managed but regular calls with relevant RWE teams and team members

STEP Programme

more information

More information on the STEP programme, including instructions on registering for the engagement platform is available here.

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