Parts of our project we’ve now fixed

This consultation is about potential changes to our onshore cable route only. However, based on two previous stages of consultation, we’ve already been able to make some final decisions about other parts of our project:

We’ve produced a document that captures the main feedback we’ve received to date and how we’ve sought to respond and make changes where appropriate. You can read this document at

Where our offshore wind turbines might go:

We recently announced changes we’ve made to the offshore areas of our wind farm in response to consultation feedback. We are not proposing to hold any further consultation on the offshore parts of our project before our application for development consent. However, you can learn more about the changes we have made to the offshore proposals at

Our chosen onshore substation location:

We’ve also recently announced the site we have chosen for our onshore project electricity substation. This was selected from a shortlist of two locations which we consulted on last summer. These were Bolney Road/Kent Street (which we are now calling “Oakendene”) and Wineham Lane North. We have decided to move forward with the site we are calling ‘Oakendene’ and have formally dropped the Wineham Lane North site. We’ve also dropped some cable route options that were only required for Wineham Lane North, but will still need some cables in that area, as that is where we connect to the existing National Grid Bolney substation.

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