How we are consulting

We are consulting on a small extension to the existing National Grid substation at Bolney, comprising the provision of permanent infrastructure requiring an increase in the footprint of the substation area by up to 6%, and a temporary construction access and compound required for approximately 12 months, to construct the extension. We consider that this would be a localised proposal and does not materially change the nature of our offshore wind farm project. This means that a full re-consultation would be disproportionate; a targeted consultation is appropriate in this case.


We are writing directly to people with land interests affected by the proposal, and also to households within 1km of it. We will place posters on footpaths and bridleways within the same area, and send the same posters to Parish Councils for the area. We will also consult with statutory organisations; including local authorities, statutory environmental bodies, and affected Parish Councils.

Please click on the, ‘Consultation Event’ button to find out details of our Drop-in Event at the Royal Oak Wineham, on Monday 15th May 2023.

While this is not a full community consultation, anyone is welcome to complete the feedback form and provide their opinion on the proposed extension to the National Grid substation at Bolney. The closing date for responses is 23:59 on 30th May 2023.

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