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January 2024

Rampion 2 helping deliver Government target for five-fold increase in offshore wind by 2030

The UK leads the world in offshore wind and the Government has set a target to deliver 50 gigawatts (GW) by 2030, a five-fold increase from 10GW in 2020. Rampion 2 is well-positioned to make a major contribution to this target and power the renewables revolution, required to:

  • secure our energy supplies
  • power electric vehicles and heat pumps
  • produce hydrogen
  • tackle the climate emergency


If consented and constructed, Rampion 2 would form part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure. The wind farm could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of over 1 million homes1 and reduce carbon emissions by around 1.8 million tonnes every year.

Put another way, Rampion 2 could generate the equivalent of around three-quarters of all the domestic and non-domestic electricity demands for the whole of Sussex2.

1 Based on an average annual domestic household electricity consumption of 3,618 kWh (BEIS, Dec 2019)
2 Based on total electricity consumption (GWh) in East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove 2022 (DESNZ 2024)

Rampion 2 consultations
Thank you for your feedback

We consulted the Sussex community and statutory bodies on our draft proposals over a two-and-a-half year period.

Jan-Feb 2021 

4-week non-statutory
project-wide consultation

Over 6,500 views of our
online consultation materials

July-Sept 2021 

9-week statutory project-wide consultation (reopened Feb-Apr 2022)

Over 12,500 views of our online consultation materials  

Over 1,700 written
responses received

Oct-Nov 2022 

6-week statutory onshore consultation

Over 800 people attended 20 meetings and events

Over 400 responses received

April-May 2023 

Bolney National Grid substation extension consultation

50 attended consultation event in Wineham

Feb-Mar 2023 

Targeted onshore consultation (cable route option ‘1d’)

Approx 50 responses received

Rampion 2 would like to thank the Sussex community for their input over the past three years, helping to shape the final proposals submitted in our Development Consent Order (DCO) application.

Development Consent Order (DCO) Process and timeline

August 2023

DCO application submitted

The Planning Inspectorate, on behalf of the Secretary of State (SoS), has 28 days to decide whether the DCO application meets statutory requirements. As part of this process, the Planning Inspectorate consults local authorities on the adequacy of our consultation

September 2023

DCO Acceptance

The Planning Inspectorate accepts our application for examination, appoints Examining Authority and launches Rampion 2 webpage to publish DCO process and documentation.  We publicise the application, setting out how to register as an ‘Interested Party’ and submit ‘Relevant Representations’ to express opinions

November 2023 - February 2024


The Examining Authority makes an initial assessment of the application, updates Interested Parties, then holds a Preliminary Meeting to outline the overall timetable for the process and determine how the application should be examined

February - August 2024


The Planning Inspectorate completes a full review of the DCO submission within 6 months. There are opportunities for people or groups to send comments in writing and/or request to speak at Public Hearings

Early 2025


The Planning Inspectorate issues a recommendation to the SoS within 3 months of the examination. The SoS has a further 3 months to decide whether to grant a Development Consent Order

Late 2026 - Early 2027

Subject to consent
Construction starts

Onshore construction usually starts first with site set up.  Offshore ‘enabling works’ such as boulder clearance, helps to prepare the seabed.  All construction takes place in accordance with Management Plans to ensure compliance with our DCO Requirements

2029 / 2030

Completion & operation

The Rampion 2 wind farm is commissioned, connected to the national grid and fully operational before the end of the decade, helping meet the UK’s target for a five-fold increase in offshore wind capacity by 2030

Preliminary Meeting and Public Hearings

Preliminary Meeting
6th February at 10am
To enable views about how the application should be examined and issue the examination timetable.

Open Floor Hearing
6th February at 2:30pm
To allow Interested Parties to make oral representations about the application itself.

Issue Specific Hearings
7th – 9th February at 9:30am
To allow the Examining Authority to consider environmental matters and Interested Parties to make representations on these.

The Planning Inspectorate has decided these meetings will be held at the DoubleTree by Hiton Brighton Metropole, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2FU. Subsequent Hearings may be held elsewhere in the local area.

You must register in advance if you wish to participate, but anyone can observe the events either in person or livestream online, and a recording will be published on the project webpage shortly after the event.

For further information, please visit

Project evolution

Having consulted on draft proposals for a large offshore ‘Area of Search’ and a number of onshore cable routes and substation sites, we listened to feedback which helped shape our final DCO proposals.

Rampion 2 in numbers

90 (max)


26 fewer than originally proposed


Turbine array area

Around half the original Area of Search

13 - 26km

Distance from shore

Off the Sussex coast

325m (max)

Turbine height to blade tip

Futureproofing for turbine technology

3 (max)

Offshore substations

Increasing voltage to reduce transmission losses


Export cable circuits

Bringing power to ‘landfall’ under Climping Beach



Cable route length

Underground for the entire route

4 (max)

Cable circuits

3 power cables in each circuit


Trenchless crossings

Reducing disruption to roads, railways and rivers


Grid connection

Into Bolney National Grid substation


Onshore substation

Enabling connection into national grid network

1 million

The result
1 x Rampion 2 Wind Farm could power over 1 million homes1

DCO Requirements

Should Rampion 2 be awarded consent it will be subject to DCO Requirements, which are similar to planning conditions.  These Requirements will include the production of a series of Management Plans covering a range of issues such as traffic & transport, noise, health & safety and communications.  

Our Management Plans will need to be approved by the Discharging Authority (DA), made up of one or more local authorities or statutory bodies. The DA will then monitor our works to ensure we are carrying out construction in line with the DCO Requirements.

Successful reinstatement follows temporary cable route construction works

Once installed, electricity cables will be buried underground, and the Rampion 2 team is committed to reinstate the land back to its former condition as soon as possible after the works.  The reinstatement works will be set out in a Landscape Management Plan, and will be monitored every year for 10 years with reinforced planting taking place, if needed. 

Did you

During Construction
After reinstatement

These photos show successful reinstatement of a typical onshore cable route.  Within a year or so of reinstatement works being completed, the land is successfully restored.

Can your business get involved in Rampion 2?

RWE, developer of Rampion 2, has established a Supplier Transparency & Engagement Programme or ‘STEP’, which aims to maximise awareness of the opportunities offered to business by the growing offshore wind industry. Our Rampion 2 STEP initiatives include:

  • a suite of Supplier Engagement Days to raise awareness of supplier capabilities and opportunities, while helping to solve supply chain challenges
  • an easy-to-use Supplier Engagement Platform with ‘open search’ functionality, to enable larger suppliers to search for product and service suppliers by region
  • the opportunity to arrange calls on a quarterly basis to keep in touch with project team members
  • a dedicated suppliers webpage to provide project updates of our events, opportunities and initiatives

Come and speak to us at our first Supplier Engagement Day being held later this year – keep an eye on rampion2.com/suppliers for details of how to register.

Rampion 2 is a joint venture between RWE, a Macquarie-led consortium and Enbridge.  RWE is leading the development of the project on behalf of the joint venture.

Rampion 2 – In the community

Autumn 2023 – Rampion 2 held a team building event which involved some volunteer work at the Ferring Country Centre.  Hannah Woodgate, Supply Chain Manager, shares her own experience of the day…

“There were a number of tasks that the centre needed some assistance with, which for me involved cleaning some stables within the riding therapy centre. The centre has fantastic facilities including a winch, to allow people with disabilities and limited mobility to be able to get on the horses. We got chance to meet some of the customers and understand why and how the centre helps them. Overall, it was a really rewarding experience with lovely staff.”

If the wind farm is consented and moves into construction and operation, Rampion 2 will become a permanent part of the Sussex community and the team looks forward to continuing their engagement with local communities.  Watch this space for regular updates of our community initiatives.

The Rampion 2 Team at the Ferring Country Centre

Have you been to the Rampion Visitor Centre?

Discover, learn and explore wind energy at the Rampion Visitor Centre in a fun and engaging way with a series of interactive exhibitions. Located in the seafront arches opposite the West Pier in Brighton, entry is FREE and further details can be found at: rampionoffshore.com/visitor-centre

The Rampion 2 Team would like to wish you all the very best for 2024!
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