Formal Consultation Detailed Documents

Here you will find copies of our Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) and other detailed documents that we consulted on for our Statutory Consultation in 2021.  Please note that only the PEIR and Outline Code of Construction Practice are included in our current targeted consultation on changes to our onshore cable route.  Please got to our 2022 Consultation Page for the latest information at

The Rampion 2 PEIR presents the draft findings of our Environmental Impact Assessments. The purpose of the PEIR is to enable stakeholders to develop an informed view of the likely significant effects of Rampion 2. Considering the findings, anyone with an interest can provide their feedback during the formal consultation, prior to the finalisation of proposals and submission of the consent application.

The PEIR includes 28 chapters with related figures (maps, graphs, diagrams etc) and appendices (further technical reports for reference). Each chapter is available below and presents the project and assessment of it’s potential impacts in-depth. Organisations such as Natural England, the Marine Management Organisation and others have a formal duty to respond to the consultation and will dive into the details. Anyone is welcome to take a look through of course.

A recommended starting point is the ‘Non-Technical Summary’.
If you are after less detail, then please visit our Formal Consultation page, which presents the key findings in easy to digest ‘factsheets’ and videos

Formal Notifications which are legally required, and the Draft Development Consent Order are also available below. 

Preliminary Environmental Information Report

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